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​Rent is due on the 1st of each month.


Collegiate Village has paperless billing! Your statement will be emailed to you during the last week of each month.


Click here to update your email address!




If you plan on paying for your housing with Financial Aid, you may be eligible for Collegiate Village's Deferral Program!


We're aware that student housing is typically paid per semester and we're here to help. The Deferral Program allows you to defer your rent payment until you receive your Financial Aid refund check from your college or university.



Get Pre-Approved for a Deferral!


To begin the Deferral Approval process, you must first submit the following paperwork from your college:


1.) Cost of tuition (eg. a bill from school)

2.) All of your accepted Financial Aid Awards, including grants, loans, and scholarships   (eg. An Award Letter)



For more information about Collegiate Village's Deferral Program, please check out our Deferral FAQ's or contact us.




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